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Do I need to change the layout of my invoice?
You can use your company’s layout, easily recognized by your clients. Remember to state the FreelanceFactoring bank account number instead of your own.
Will you contact my client?
In some cases, we need to contact your client. Nevertheless, we will never contact your client without your prior consent. We are dedicated to your client relationship.
What is the minimum invoice amount for your services?
If you choose to use our services once only, the minimum invoice amount is approximately € 1,000.-. If you send invoices to the same client more often, we accept invoices with lower amounts.
When becoming your client, which documents do you need from me?
We need a copy of your ID and bank card to prepare your registration. Furthermore, we request you to forward our form to your client stating that you use the FreelanceFactoring services.
What is the contract term?
You agree to a contract for at least the sale one invoice. After that, you have the option to terminate the contract. It is our mission to build a long term relationship with all our customers, but we appreciate your single invoice sales just as much.
In which countries do you operate?
FreelanceFactoring focusses on clients in The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium).
How fast do you effect payment?
By all means, we arrange payment within three work days. Depending on our payment schedule, you might even receive the money in your account sooner than that.