Procedure is specialized in factoring for freelancers and SMEs. This means that regardless of the payment terms of your client we will pay invoices within three work days


Thanks to factoring you have immediate access to money and there is no need to wait for the payment term agreed on with your clients. Being independent, allows you to make time for doing business. You decide which invoices we pre-fund. You may even choose to use our services once only.


Send the client your invoice in your company’s layout and copy FreelanceFactoring. You will receive the outstanding amount immediately, and FreelanceFactoring awaits the payment term agreed on. If required, we will manage the credit control for you as well. Moreover, we will never contact your client without your prior consent.


factoringBecome our client

Becoming a FreelanceFactoring client is simple and easy. Our decision to pre-fund your invoices depends on our solvency check of your client. Your client will have no notice of this check. If your clients’ solvency is sufficient, we will send you our quote immediately. When you agree to the quote, we will start pre-funding your invoices.