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Factoring is a form of debtor finance. You submit your invoice and we transfer the invoice amount within 24hrs. In return your debtor pays us at the end of the payment turn. We’ll take control of your debtor management and in case your debtor goes bankrupt, your are guaranteed of payment.

The application process:

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You request a quotation

Quick, easy and without obligation

Submit the quotation form and with your company name, the name of your client, the expected invoice amount and your contact information. We check the solvency of your client(s). The client won’t notice this. If the solvency is sufficient, we compose a personal quotation. You can expect to receive our reply within 24 hours.

Step 1, request a quote


You receive our quatation

& submit the required documents

Do you agree with our quotation? Then we would like to receive a copy of your ID, bank card and the contract you have with your debtor/client. In response we compose a contract. Once signed you can submit your first invoice!

Step 4, sign contract


Upload your first invoice

within your personal factoring portal

Draw up your invoice in your own layout with one notable exception. Please make sure that your bank account number is removed and replaced by the account number from FreelanceFactoring. Next you login to your personal factoring portal and upload the invoice.

Step 3, upload your invoice



Within 24 hours, regardless of your client’s payment term

Once you’ve submitted your invoice, we take care of everything. You will receive your invoice amount withing 24hrs after approval.

Step 4, getting payed

Give us a try with a single invoice

We’ll reach out within one working day!

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Clients value FreelanceFactoring
4.9/5 from 54 reviews