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Factoring procedure

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This is how FreelanceFactoring works

For freelancers

Factoring means that we take over your invoices. We pay them within 24 hours and subsequently wait for your client to pay us. We offer our services to freelancers and entrepreneurs.

On this page, you can follow the brief procedure step-by-step.



You request a quotation

Fast, easy and without any obligation

Enter your company name, the name of your client, the expected invoice amount and your contact information. We check the solvency of your client(s). The client will not notice this. If the solvency is alright, we compose a quotation. You can expect to receive our reply within 24 hours.


The quotation is approved

Just a little more information and we welcome you as our client

Do you agree with our quotation? Then we would like to receive a copy of your ID, a bank card and the contract you have with your client. With these documents, we create a suited contract. Once signed, we welcome you as a FreelanceFactoring client!


Upload your invoice

Quickly and simply through your personal factoring portal

Draw up your invoice in your own layout, however make sure that your bank account number is removed and replaced into the one from FreelanceFactoring. But don't forget the legal requirements of course. We have composed a few clever tips to compose your invoice. Uploading an invoice is quick and simple with your personal factoring portal.


We pay you

Within 24 hours, regardless of your client’s payment term

As of this moment, we take control. You will receive your money quickly, we take care of receivable management, and your client’s bankruptcy risk is covered by our insurance.

Try us out with a single invoice.

It doesn’t get any easier.

Request a quotation

Wij staan Bart is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out and contact us!

Bart van der Plas


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Clients value FreelanceFactoring

8.9/10 from 52 reviews

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