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FreelanceFactoring was founded in 2012. Since 2016, our team of 15 young, ambitious people is located at Oostplein in the harbour city of Rotterdam. We work hard to ensure our clients can continue to run their business and live in a relaxed way. This is because we pay their invoices immediately.

If you call us, one of our team members will answer the phone personally. No call centres or computers involved. Would you rather chat with us? That is possible via our website. We prefer not to beat around the bush, not within the company, or in our communication with you. We want to be able to help you right away. That matches our quick and flexible service. We help you come up with clever ideas and offer customised solutions. You decide which invoices you would like us to factor, and our contracts can be terminated at any moment. However, we will make sure you are satisfied, so that you won’t leave us.

Our clients describe our relationship as helpful and value our excellence with a score of 8.9. This makes us very proud!


Werknemer Wouk Witte helpt je met factoring

The team behind the scenes.

Everyone is a specialist.

Accountmanager Stefan Stassen

Stefan Stassen


Eigenaar Igor Meijs

Igor Meijs


Werknemer Estelle Al Basry-Coolen

Estelle Al Basry-Coolen

Financial administration

Werknemer Daan Struijk

Daan Struijk

Financial administration

Werknemer Louise Rook

Louise Rook

Operational manager

Werknemer Dominique van Maanen

Dominique van Maanen

Marketing & communication

Eigenaar Wouk Witte

Wouk Witte


Werknemer Werner de Nies

Werner de Nies

Sales Manager

Werknemer Bart van der Plas

Bart van der Plas


Eigenaar Pieter Rom Colthoff

Pieter Rom Colthoff


Werknemer Chantal Tak

Chantal Tak

Financial administration

Werknemer Julian de Block

Julian de Block

Marketing & proces optimalisatie

This is what we stand for

It’s all about you

As our client, you can count on our full, transparent cooperation. You have 24/7 access to the status of your submitted invoices through a personal factoring portal. Via this portal, you submit the invoices yourself. Whenever you want and at your convenience.

Give us a try with an invoice. No strings attached. We promise.


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We will pay your invoice within 24 hours after approval. However, in practice, payment could occur even sooner. Don’t be surprised when the payment appears within a couple of hours.
No minimum turnover or invoice amount required. Every range is welcome.
Unfortunately, we cannot answer that in general, as we offer tailored quotes. We believe that every entrepreneur is unique and, based on that principle, we base our price specifically on your situation. This way, our clients never pay for something they do not use. Feel free to ask for a quotation without any obligations, so you have an indication of the costs for your unique case.

Wouk is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out and contact us!

Eigenaar Wouk Witte

Wouk Witte


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Clients value FreelanceFactoring

8.9/10 from 52 reviews

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