About FreelanceFactoring

“FreelanceFactoring is specialist in factoring for freelancers and SME’s. Within 3 work days, we pay you the amount you are entitled to”

Payment term

We believe that no entrepreneur likes to wait for the payment term to expire of the outstanding invoices to his clients. That is why we pre-fund invoices and pay the outstanding amount within 3 working days. Only this way, entrepreneurs have immediate access to their money, and there is no need to worry about payment terms or credit control.

Factoring, the pre-funding of invoices, has been a common procedure with bigger organizations, but fact is, that particularly smaller businesses benefit from this type of funding. Therefore, FreelanceFactoring particularly focusses on freelancers and SME’s with funding requirements between €500.- and € 150,000.- per month


Every entrepreneur wants to be in control. Our service offers you the flexibility to do so. You decide which invoices we pre-fund and when contracts are terminated. This way our service also suits a once only pre-funding.