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The costs

Before we start

No subscription fees No invoice, no costs
No administration costs We only charge the factor fee
No strings attached Our services can be canceled at any time

What will Factoring cost me?

A percentage of your invoice

The factoring costs are calculated as a percentage of the invoice amount. This is also referred to as the factor fee.

The factor fee varies between ‘1.5% and 5%’ * and is influenced by various factors. We always make a personalised offer for you. This means that the exact price depends on your specific situation. To provide insight into the costs, we clarify the three most important factors that determine the factor fee:

Feel free to request a quote for your exact cost percentage *

We leggen je uit waar de factoringkosten door worden bepaald
We leggen je uit waar de factoringkosten door worden bepaald


Your turnover amount

The higher the turnover, the lower the costs

Your turnover is one of the factors that determines the costs of our services. A higher turnover generally means a lower factor fee.

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Creditworthiness of your client

Covering insurance

We insure invoices we purchase from you immediately. If your client is not insurable, you are not eligible for factoring. In addition, a debtor who is more difficult to insure entails more risk and this affects the factoring costs. Due to this risk, a higher fee may be charged.

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The payment term

A shorter payment term means a lower factor fee

Payment terms vary. One company maintains a payment term of 15 days, while another might extend to 60 days. If we purchase an invoice with a payment term of 15 days, a lower percentage will be charged compared to that of a client which has a longer payment term.

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Are you already selling your invoices to another factoring company? Not a problem. Switching over is easy. The sign up process is exactly the same. Signing up is often even faster since you are already familiar with the process. All we need is a statement that you will stop selling invoices to the factoring company you were selling invoices to.

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Clients value FreelanceFactoring
4.9/5 from 54 reviews