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Since we started financing our invoices with FreelanceFactoring, we have obtained a stronger cash flow which offers us such a peace of mind!
Niels den Otter
Founder | Creative director | Executive producer

Excellent service

And a correct settlement of your outstanding invoices. Now, I place all of my invoices with FreelanceFactoring. A pleasant organisation to work with.
Joram Bartman
Owner Baily Recruitment

Reliable and always on time.

Outstanding service, reliable and always on time. Nice contact, always someone available to reach out to who answers you quickly and adequately.
Sylvia Helder
Clear In Company


Very approachable and simple.
Jos Lindner
Owner Lindner Liftservice 24/7

Super quick payments.

For our company FQE, we have been using the services of FreelanceFactoring for a while now, and we are very pleased. Excellent communication, yet more importantly, super quick payments.
Floortje Maakt

Do you want to get your invoices paid quicker as freelancer?

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Upload your invoice in your personal factoring portal. We will then finance your invoices within a maximum of 24 hours and take care of everything. If necessary, we take control of accounts receivable management. Your client goes bankrupt? No worries, we also cover insurance for the bankruptcy risk you run.

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We will pay your invoice within 24 hours after approval. However, in practice, payment could occur even sooner. Don’t be surprised when the payment appears within a couple of hours.
No minimum turnover or invoice amount required. Every range is welcome.
Unfortunately, there is no general answer to that question because we offer tailored quotations. We believe that every entrepreneur is unique and, based on that principle, we base our price specifically on your situation. Feel free to ask for a quotation, so we can provide you with an indication of the costs for your unique case, no strings attached.

Bart is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out and contact us!

Bart van der Plas


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Clients value FreelanceFactoring

8.9/10 from 52 reviews

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