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Prompt payment On your bank account within 24hrs
Reduced credit risk Your invoice is insured against bankruptcy risk of your debtor
Shelved debtor management We send out the reminders & make the phone calls

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Very accessible and simple

FreelanceFactoring is really accessible and simple to use. Would recommend!
Jos Linder
Owner Lindner Liftservice
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Peace of mind

Since we started to financing our invoices at Freelance Factoring, we’ve obtained a rigid cash flow which allows for peace of mind.... Lees meer
Niels den Otter
Owner Audentity
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Good communication

At FQE we’ve been using Freelance Factoring for a while now and we are very satisfied. Good communication and everything is sorted out quickly if co... Lees meer
Floortje Maakt
Owner Fred Quality Engineering
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Ensured payment

I’ve been working with Freelance Factoring for almost a year now and I’m very happy with our collaboration. Freelance Factoring ensures that I do ... Lees meer
Mara Strijdhaftig
Owner Lamara Strijdhaftig

Liquidate your invoices with the use of factoring

Quickly settled

With the use of factoring you exchange your invoice into cashflow. You submit your invoice and we transfer the invoice amount within 24hrs. In return your debtor pays us at the end of the payment turn. We’ll take control of your debtor management and in case your debtor goes bankrupt, your are guaranteed of payment.

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We finance your invoice within 24 hours after approval. In practice, payment occurs even sooner. This is due to the fact that we make several payments a day.
No minimum turnover or invoice amount is required. Every range is welcome. However, our factor fee is calculated based on several factors, turnover being one of them. The higher the turnover, the lower the factor fee.
There is no general answer because we offer tailored quotations. We believe that every entrepreneur is unique and, based on that principle, we base our price specifically on your situation. Feel free to ask for a quotation, so we can provide you with an indication of the costs for your unique case, no strings attached.

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